KEB Hana Bank Launches Hana Family Card, The First Family Debit Card in Indonesia November 16, 2018

As a service to customers, PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia introduces another banking innovation by launching Hana Family Card (20/9). This is the first debit card in Indonesia dedicated to family needs. The use of Hana Family Card is also more efficient because it can be used for family needs and transactions can be done through internet banking or mobile banking.

In addition, for Security, parents can monitor the financial transactions of each family member through SMS notifications or incoming e-mails. Applying for Hana Family Card, he said, can be done through the nearest KEB Hana Bank branch. Just like submitting a debit card in general, customers will be asked to complete the data on the form provided. After getting an additional card, the customer can set the transaction limit on each additional card.

In addition, KEB Hana Bank customers can also apply for Hana Family Cards through the MyHana Mobile Banking application. Aside from its ability to cater to all family members, Hana Family Card debit cards offer a variety of other features, namely the holder can apply for up to 5 additional debit cards in one account; they can manage each transaction and monthly limit; they can supervise the use of additional debit cards; they can make transactions at any merchant with the Visa or Prima logo both at home and abroad; and all transactions are verified by Visa using a PIN; and the last is each additional card.


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