After fill out the form, please take it to the nearest Hana Bank branch office for further process.

  • Beneficial Owner Form

  • Debit Card / Token Loss Statement

  • e-Banking Facility Application Form

  • Form Firm Banking

  • Dormant Account Activation Form

  • Complaint Form

  • List of Underlying Document Category Code - LHBU

  • List of Purpose Code - LHBU

  • List of Transaction Purpose Code - LLD

  • Saving Account Closing Form

  • Current Account Closing Form

  • FATCA - CRS Certification Form (Non Indvidual)

  • Downgrade Form

  • Virtual Account Application Form

  • Service Request Form

  • Statement Letter Of Current Account Opening

  • Signature Specimen Customer

  • Declaration Letter on Foreign Exchange Purchase Transaction

  • Account Opening Application

  • New Account Opening and Customer Data Information (Individual) Form

  • Time Deposit Form

  • Hana Bank Priority Banking Request Form

  • Safe Deposit Box Closing Form (SDB)

  • Opening and Alternation for Safe Deposit Box Form (SDB)

  • Non Customer Information Form (WIC, POA, BOD)

  • New Account Opening and Customer Data Information (Non Individual) Form


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Credit Card Discount Promotion Details

NOTE: Depending on Merchant/Store circumstances Discount Offers are subject to change at any time without prior written notice.


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