In order to identify cases of irregularities that are detrimental to the customer or the Bank, whistle blowing management arrangements are needed as a key element to detect problems that arise related to fraud, theft, corruption and other criminal acts. PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (“Bank”) has a policy of conducting business with the highest level of integrity and is committed to not tolerating actions that are not in accordance with applicable company norms and regulations.

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Whistleblowing Report Submission

Report submission both from external (third party) and internal (employee of Hana Bank Indonesia) parties who report any fraud indication practice may submit the report via various communication media:

Email to President Director

Email to Anti-Fraud Team

Website/ Scan QR

Call (Toll Free)

: ceowhistleblowing@hanabank.co.id

: hanawhistleblowing@hanabank.co.id

: https://www.hanabank.co.id

: 0800-1-515151 or WhatsApp : 0855-7-151515

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Criteria of fraud indication submitted to be processed if fulfilling the requirements minimum as follows:

  1. Provide information regarding the whistle blower identity to facilitate communication, at least
    • Name (anonymous allowed)
    • active phone number/email
  2. Reports must at least explain (4W & 1H):
    • what happened (What)
    • the parties involved (Who)
    • time of the incident (When)
    • place of the incident (Where)
    • how did it happen (How)

Hana Bank’s Shareholders
Types of violation to be reported

Protection for The Whistle Blower

Each reporter will be given a guarantee of protection from Hana Bank by maintaining the confidentiality of the reporter's identity (name, address, telephone number, email and work unit / company). In addition, whistleblowers are allowed not to include their identity (anonymous).

Whistle blower protection can be terminated when:

  1. Reporting violations submission are proved to be false, slanderous, merciless or unlawful.
  2. Request for termination of protection from the Reporting Entity
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Managing Concern

Once a concern is received via whistleblowing channels, the reporter will receive a ticket number. Anti-Fraud Unit will review the report and determine further action to be taken.



  1. What is your relationship to PT KEB Hana Bank Indonesia? *

  2. Select Type of issue*

  3. Where did the issue occur? * (Division/Branch/Dept/Unit)

  4. When did the issue occur?* ex: 1 - 10 December 2019 or During December 2019

  5. Identify the person(s) involved in the issue and indicate each person(s) role in the issue: *
    1. Subject *

    2. Victim

    3. Witness

  6. How did it happen?*(Explain what you know)free text max 500 character

  7. Have you reported this issue to Management or someone in the company "PT KEB Hana Bank Indonesia"?*

  8. Does this incident result in financial loss to the company "PT KEB Hana Bank Indonesia"?*

    (Range, ex: approximately 10 million rupiah)

  9. If you have any documents and evidence that may help us better understand your issue, please upload them.

    The maximum of upload files with a file size 10Mb

    We only accept files with the following format: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .rar, .zip, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .mp4.

  10. Would you like to give your identity?*

PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia understands that you may wish to remain anonymous, where permitted by law, but we will encourage you to provide your details as this makes it easier to investigate your matter. Your details will be kept confidential and only disclosed to the person responsible for the investigation to facilitate communication. Hana Bank does not allow retaliation of any kind against those who report in good faith. If you choose to remain anonymous, no attempt will be made to determine your identity by electronic means. However, the only way we can communicate with you is through this report. Please make sure to use your Complaint Ticket Number (generated when you submit your report) to check follow-up inquiries from us or to provide us with any additional information you may have

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