Korea Tourism Lift Up, KEB Hana Bank and BNI Syariah Launched Triplus Program January 08, 2015

KEB Hana Bank along with BNI Syariah, Happy Tour, and Korea Tourism Organization launched "TRIPlus : Trip to Korea" on Thursday (8/1). Situated in Publico restaurant, this co brand product targeted travel lovers as alternative for travelling service. The event attended by KEB Hana Bank Finance Director, Mr. Lee Hwa Soo, KEB Hana Bank Business Consumer Director, Bayu Wisnu Wardhana, CEO BNI Syariah, Dinno Indiano, Business Director BNI Syariah Imam Teguh Saptono, and Korea Tourism Organization, Mr. Harry Oh. It also attended by 40 reporters from 20 national media, online, magazine, and TV. "In 2015, KEB Hana Bank will penetrate retail market in Indonesia, so that we require a breakthrough to invent program that suit customer needs. Today, middle class growth and tourism industry, particularly to South Korea, increase significantly in Indonesia. We hope could fulfill market needs through this program, "Bayu Wisnu Wardahana, says.

Purpose of this event is to introduce Triplus "Trip to Korea" to media and announce that KEB Hana Bank will focus on retail market in 2015. KEB Hana Bank committed to become Top 20 Bank in Indonesia through this program. "KEB Hana Bank will become Top 20 Bank in Indonesia in 2023," Lee Hwa Soo said oh his speech. "As one of the biggest Korean Bank, KEB hana Bank is the best partner to improve brand image and loyalty of our card user in Indonesia. We believe that this partnership will increase Hasanah card user and also presenting Hasanah card as leading shariah based credit card. This partnership is part of our path to provide various facility to be closer, "Dinno Indiano says.

Mr. Harry Oh predicted tourist number growth who visit Korea will increase in 2015, in 2014 there are 210.000 Indonesian tourist will visit Korea. The number shows that Indonesian interest toward Korean culture is very high. KEB Hana Bank and BNI Syariah regard this opportunity to create program based on market needs. Triplus program with all benefits may attract customer that finally expected to contribute to KEB Hana Bank retail segment growth.

About Triplus This co-brand program offers various benefits such as opportunity to go to Korea and obtain pocket money. The program also offer other benefits such as Hasanah card funding and the best travel experience we have been chosen for our customer. In addition, every customer can exchange currency with the best rate. The various benefit makes the program as the best trip program offered by Indonesian bank.


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