Bank KEB Hana Launches Mobile Cashier to Reach Retail Customers in Remote Area January 21, 2016

Following a successful launch of Mobile ATM in 2014, KEB Hana Bank launched Mobile Cashier to reach its customers in remote area. This Mobile Cashier operates as a mini branch staffed by a teller and customer service officer to complement existing ATM Mobile services.

Most of customers in remote area are labors who have payroll account in KEB Hana Bank, however, they often find difficulty to get to KEB Hana Bank branch due to their workload at the factory. Bank KEB Hana took this opportunity to get closer with them through Mobile Cashier services.

Officially launched by Mr. Lee Hwa Soo (Director of KEB Hana Bank) on Wednesday (20/1), Mobile Cashier started to serve the customers at the launching venue, PT Kaho Indah Citra Garment, Tambun. In early 2016, the company has chosen KEB Hana Bank to process payroll for its 3000 labors. The Mobile Cashier was full of customers who would like to make transaction, such as: creating ATM card, changing PIN, cash deposit, and/or cash withdrawal.

Mobile Cashier will reach KEB Hana customers in Bekasi and some locations in West Java at its first operations. Thereafter it will come to Banten and Tangerang based on the schedule and needs of customers. The launching of Mobile Cashier has shown KEB Hana Bank's commitment to expand the retail business in Indonesia.



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