KEB Hana Bank and PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia Form a Strategic Partnership to Promote Awareness on Mutual Fund Investment in Indonesia March 10, 2017

KEB Hana Bank and PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia (Schroders Indonesia) officially announce a strategic partnership to widen investment access for the public. Through the partnership, KEB Hana Bank customers will be provided with ease in investing through Schroders Indonesia’s investment products. In this partnership, Schroders Indonesia  offers 8 products for KEB Hana Bank customers suitable for their respective risk profiles.

Through the partnership with Shroders Indonesia, KEB Hana Bank customers will be provided with ease in investing, through an assortment of investment products  offered by Schroders Indonesia, one of which is Schroders Global Sharia Equity Fund (USD). With the availability of Schroder Global Sharia Equity Fund (USD) at KEB Hana, customers can have an alternative product to obtain adequate investment returns taking into account liquidity and portfolio diversification.

KEB Hana Bank President Director, Martin Lee said that the partnership with Schroders Indonesia will be highly beneficial for KEB Hana Bank customers in choosing mutual fund investment product options. Moreover, Schroders Indonesia has proven to be an investment manager with proven and credible track record in Indonesia. “This partnership is also  important because of our vision to become the Best Customer-Focused Bank that offers various investment options at a trusted institution,” said Martin.

The strategic partnership between KEB Hana Bank and PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia take place during an improved economic growth trend in Indonesia. Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded a surge in Indonesia’s economic growth throughout 2016 or grew by 5.02% (year on year) which was an increase from 4.88% growth in 2015. In 2017 BI projected an economic growth ranging from 5.02-5.4% in line with the expanding middle-class.
PT Schroders Investment Management Indonesia President Director, Michael Tjandra Tjoajadi said, KEB Hana Bank is our 18th distributor partner and on Schroder’s 25th year anniversary, this partnership is  instrumental in expanding public access to the finest investment products in Indonesia.

“Schroder Global Sharia Equity Fund product also allows Indonesians to invest in mutual funds with sharia principles and access global Sharia companies in the world. Similar to the other 7 products line that can be obtained at KEB Hana Bank, we consistently manage the products’ performance, exceeding their benchmark,” explained Michael.

Mutual funds in Indonesia see excellent growth prospects. Based on Financial Services Authority (OJK) data, mutual fund investment asset management in 2016 was pegged at Rp 338 trillion, or a mere 2.7% of the Indonesians Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The numbers illustrate the kind of potential that the public can tap into in investing in Indonesia.

The partnership is also expected to widen public access to the money market in Indonesia. As of 2016, Indonesia’s capital market inclusion was recorded at 1.2% of the total population. Through a partnership with Schroders Indonesia, KEB Hana Bank customers will have ease in accessing their investments.

Schroders Global Sharia Equity Fund Offers Investment with Access to Global Stock with Sharia Principles
Schroders Global Sharia Equity Fund is an investment product from Schroders Indonesia which uses Sharia principles. This product targets capital growth through global Sharia-compliant equity stocks of companies in the world which operate in the halal sector and possess strong values, with solid financial performance with measured debt ratio.

Funding and Wealth Management Business Head KEB Hana Bank, Gempur Widansyah stated that the partnership is aimed at reinforcing fee-based income from the business sector. “This partnership is KEB Hana Bank’s commitment to the customer banking segment in an effort to realize the company’s strategic plan to join the ranks of the Top 20 Banks in Indonesia by 2020,” said Gempur.

PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia Head of Intermediary, Teddy Oetomo explained since its establishment in 1991, Schroders Indonesia has retained its commitment to educate the public on mutual funds investment. The partnership with KEB Hana Bank is expected to develop the market and widen the access to increase the number of new investors and realize a prosperous investment society. “We are proud to be able to work alongside KEB Hana Bank, because we have something in common – our focus on customers, which is central to our business,” closed Teddy.


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