CEO Message

Dear our valued customers,

Thank you for your trust in choosing KEB Hana Bank as your business partner. In our early days, we grew our business with main concentration in SME, Commercial and Corporate sectors which are integral for the foundation of KEB Hana Bank in Indonesia. In 2014, KEB Hana Bank has reached its new height. We expanded our business to Consumer Banking business.

We realize that it is not an easy task for a non-local bank to enter a foreign country. Indonesia is a very big country with great potential. As a Bank, we believe that we can help the society in Indonesia with our customer-focused value. We would like to make our customers feels that making transactions with KEB Hana Bank is easy and convenience. It is our motto that our customers can do any daily banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

Once more, I would thank you for your support and trust in KEB Hana Bank. We have much to learn, but we will keep cultivating ourselves, in hope that we can always meet our customers’ expectations.

박 성 호 Park Sung Ho


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