PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (Hana Bank) offers vast range of financial solutions, of which is investment in series of the Republic of Indonesia Retail Government Bonds (“Government Bond”).

A government bond is a debt security issued by a government of Indonesia to support government spending and obligations. Government bonds can pay periodic interest payments called coupon payments. Government bonds are often considered low-risk investments since the issuing government backs them.

Mutual Fund Types & Risk

As one of the investment instruments, Government Bonds offer the following benefits :

Periodic Income

The customer will receive a coupon in a fixed amount until the due date. And the Customer has the potential to obtain higher returns compared to deposits with various risk exposures.

Information Transparency

Bonds price information are announced published in the newspaper and the website of the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance. This will make it easier for Government Bond holders to monitor investment developments regularly.

Guaranteed by the Law

Bond is relatively safe because it is issued by The Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia and Guaranteed by Constitution.


Bonds holders can sell their bonds at any time in accordance with market conditions, making it easier for Bonds holders to manage their cash.

Government Bonds series that available in Hana Bank

Denomination Rupiah (IDR)

Denomination Rupiah (IDR)
No Product Name Product Code Coupon (Gross) Maturity PFD Bond
1 INDOGB 7 05/15/27 FR0059 7.00% 15-May-27 Download
2 INDOGB 7 05/15/27 FR0061 7.00% 15-May-22 Download
3 INDOGB 5 5/8 05/15/23 FR0063 5.63% 15-May-23 Download
4 INDOGB 6 1/8 05/15/28 FR0064 6.13% 15-May-28 Download
5 INDOGB 6 5/8 05/15/33 FR0065 6.63% 15-May-33 Download
6 INDOGB 8 3/8 03/15/34 FR0068 8.38% 15-Mar-34 Download
7 INDOGB 8 1/4 05/15/36 FR0072 8.25% 15-May-36 Download
8 INDOGB 7 1/2 08/15/32 FR0074 7.50% 15-Aug-32 Download
9 INDOGB 7 1/2 05/15/38 FR0075 7.50% 15-May-38 Download
10 INDOGB 7 3/8 05/15/48 FR0076 7.38% 15-May-48 Download
11 INDOGB 8 1/8 05/15/24 FR0077 8.13% 15-May-24 Download
12 INDOGB 8 1/4 05/15/29 FR0078 8.25% 15-May-29 Download
13 INDOGB 8 3/8 04/15/39 FR0079 8.38% 15-Apr-39 Download
14 INDOGB 7 1/5 06/15/35 FR0080 7.50% 15-Jun-35 Download
15 INDOGB 6 1/5 06/15/25 FR0081 6.50% 15-Jun-25 Download
16 INDOGB 7 09/15/30 FR0082 7.00% 15-Sep-30 Download
17 INDOGB 7 1/2 04/15/40 FR0083 7.50% 15-Apr-40 Download
18 INDONGB 6 1/4 06/15/36 FR0088 6.250% 15-June-36 Download
19 INDONGB 6 7/8 08/15/51 FR0089 6.875% 15-Aug-51 Download
20 INDONGB 5 1/8 04/15/27 FR0090 5.125% 15-April-27 Download
21 INDONGB 6 3/8 04/15/32 FR0091 6.375% 15-April-32 Download
22 INDONGB 7 1/8 06/15/42 FR0092 7.125% 15-Jun-42 Download
23 INDOGB 6 3/8 07/15/37 FR0093 6.375% 15-Jul-37 Download
24 INDOGB 6 3/8 08/15/28 FR0095 6.375% 15-Aug-28 Download
25 INDOGB 7 02/15/33 FR0096 7.000% 15-Feb-33 Download
26 INDOGB 7 1/8 06/15/43 FR0097 7.125% 15-Jun-43 Download

Denomination Dollar (USD)

No Product Name Product Code Coupon (Gross) Maturity PFD Bond
1 INDON 3.375 04/15/23 INDON23 3.38% 15-Apr-23 Download
2 INDON 5.375 10/17/23 INDON23NEW 5.38% 17-Oct-23 Download
3 INDON 4.45 02/11/24 INDON24NEW 4.45% 11-Feb-24 Download
4 INDON 3.5 01/11/28 INDON28 3.50% 11-Jan-28 Download
5 INDON 4.75 02/11/29 INDON29 4.75% 11-Feb-29 Download
6 INDON 2.85 02/14/30 INDON30 2.85% 14-Feb-30 Download
7 INDON 3.85 10/15/30 INDON30NEW 3.85% 15-Oct-30 Download
8 INDON 1.85 03/12/31 INDON31 1.850% 12-Mar-31 Download
9 INDON 2.15 07/28/31 INDON31NEW 2.15% 28-Jul-31 Download
10 INDON 7.75 01/17/38 INDON38 7.75% 17-Jan-38 Download
11 INDON 4.35 01/11/48 INDON48 4.35% 11-Jan-48 Download
12 INDON 5.35 02/11/49 INDON49 5.35% 11-Feb-49 Download
13 INDON 3.7 10/30/49 INDON49NEW 3.70% 30-Oct-49 Download
14 INDON 3.5 02/14/50 INDON50 3.50% 14-Feb-50 Download
15 INDON 4.2 10/15/50 INDON50NEW 4.20% 15-Oct-50 Download
16 INDON 3.05 03/12/51 INDON51 3.050% 12-Mar-51 Download
17 INDON 4.45 04/15/70 INDON70 4.45% 15-Oct-70 Download
18 INDON 3.35 03/12/71 INDON71 3.350% 12-Mar-71 Download
19 INDON 4.4 06/06/27 INDOIS27N 4.400% 6-Jun-27 Download
20 INDON 4.7 06/06/32 INDOIS32 4.700% 6-Jun-32 Download
21 INDON 3.55 03/31/32 INDON32 3.550% 31-Mar-32 Download
22 INDON 4.3 03/31/52 INDON52 4.300% 31-Mar-52 Download

Start investing in Government Bonds:

  • Visit your nearest Hana Bank branches to get detail information from our certified staff.
  • Completed the documents needed for Bond transactions.

Terms and Conditions Bonds Purchases :

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
    1. Customer should have an account at Hana Bank.
    2. Complete the documents needed for Bonds transaction.
    3. Valid ID/KTP and NPWP.
    4. Must Filled the risk profile form.
    5. Minimum 21 years old or has been married.

  • Foreign Citizen (WNA)
    1. Customer should have an account at Hana Bank.
    2. Complete the documents needed for Bonds transaction.
    3. Valid Passport / KITAS.
    4. Must filled the Risk Profile Form.
    5. Minimum 21 years old or married.

  • Market Risk

    Many factors can affect movement of Bond’s price. Customer will face risk of potential loss due to the decreasing trend of product price in the secondary market. Capital loss occurs when the product is solid in secondary market before maturity date at lower price compare to initial price. Including interest rates that could affect bond prices.

  • Liquidity Risk

    Customer cannot perform buy and sell transaction if there is no demand and/or supply on secondary market related to the product that Customer would like to transact.

  • Foreign Exchange Risk

    Customer has to be aware that investment value can be affected by foreign exchange risk if the bonds purchased are denominated in currencies other than in base currency.

  • Changes in Economic Condition and Politic Risk

    Customer has to be aware related to any changing or in other words the worsening in terms of domestic as well as foreign political and/or economic situations and/or any alteration due ro the prevailing regulations that shall affect the investment performance and in particular the income perspectives and the portofolio’s performance as well as the obligations issuer.

  • Credit Risk

    Customer has to be aware that investing in this product contains credit risk from product issuer. In this case, product issuer cannot fulfill its obligations (coupon and principal value) on the predetermined date.

  • Default Risk

    Customer has to be aware that investing in this product contains default risk from product issuer. If the product issuer defaulted in fulfilling their obligations, then this will affect the return of the product.

  • Settlement Risk

    Customer has to be aware that there is a possibility some condition that buy / sell order couldn’t be delivered by the counterpart until the limit time and transaction will be failed.

  • Unsuccessful Book Building /Risk

    If the amounf of purchase/sell order is smaller than the required minimum tradable denomination for each bond, the Bank reserves the rights not to execute the order if the total amount of purchase /sell is insufficient for the minimum amount upon the Bank receives the instruction.

Disclaimer :

  • Hana Bank only acts as a Selling Agent and Hana Bank shall NOT be liable on Customers’ investment decision.
  • The bond ownership is fully Customer responsibility. Hana Bank shall NOT be liable in any loss from investing in Bonds products.
  • Customer shall read and understand the Product Feature Documents Before buying Government Bonds.
  • Government Bonds issued by capital market, and is NOT a product of Hana Bank.
  • Government Bonds Investment principle and return is not guaranteed by Hana Bank and its affiliates, and is also not guaranteed by the deposit insurance of the Indonesian Deposit Insurance Cooperation.
  • Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

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