Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

MyHana Mobile Banking is a service from Hana for personal to facilitate the customer to do any fincancial transaction via Android & iOS smartphone.

  • Mobile Banking Benefits
    • Online Purchase/Bill Payment


  1. Information on balance and account transfer
  2. Transfer between accounts and between banks (online, LLG and scheduled transfer)
  3. Purchase of top-up voucher and PLN prepaid
  4. Electricity, water, telephone, credit card, insurance, internet, e-commerce, zakat and other payment
  5. Open account (Time Deposit and Hana Future Saving)
  6. Cardless withdrawal

Terms & Conditions

Transaction Limit & Fees
Transaction Limit/Transaction * Limit/Day * Fee *
Overbooking between same Customer’s account Unlimited Unlimited Free
Overbooking between different Customer’s account 500.000.000 Free
Online Transfer 50.000.000 6.500
LLG 500.000.000 3.000

* * in Rupiah


After register to MyHana Mobile Banking through Customer Service, you can directly download the MyHana Mobile Banking application either through Playstore (Android) or App Store (iOS) and register as follow:

  1. Click Logion option on the bottom bar in MyHana Mobile Banking.
  2. Select Register Member.
  3. Enter a temporary User ID sent via SMS to your mobile phone.
  4. Enter your Debit Card Number.
  5. Enter your Debit Card PIN.
  6. Click on the Agree checkbox in MyHana Mobile Banking terms and conditions section, then click the Verification button.
  7. Enter the User ID that you want as your permanent User ID, click Check Availability to ensure that this User ID has never been used by other MyHana Mobile Banking users.
  8. Enter your password (alphanumeric format).
  9. Re-enter your password.

If Customer has registered to MyHana Mobile Banking, then the User ID and password automatically can be used on MyHana Internet Banking services.


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