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You will realize a different approach on how we treat banking relationship. Supported by suite of products and services, we are committed to always prioritize you with a bespoke banking service that understands you better. That way, you can focus on your priority in making a difference.

About Us

  • Priority is Yours

    In Korean, Hana means the first. The name signifies a progressive approach that recognize we only have one chance in life. That is why priority must be assigned over what matters most.
    As part of the approach, you want a partner who can assist you in building your financial masterpiece and can provide premium banking service with passion to detail. To support you, we have created Hana Priority Banking.

  • A Bank You Can Trust

    PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (“Bank Hana”) has a National Long-Term rating of AAA(idn) and Long-Term Foreign Currency IDR of BBB from Fitch Ratings Indonesia (2020).

    Hana Bank also received multiple accolades and recognitions, including:

    • Hana Bank won "Very Good" Predicate for 2018's Financial Performance by Infobank.
    • Hana Bank received the second rank at “Infobank Digital Brand Award 2019” in the category of Commercial Bank
    • Received “Straight Through Processing Excellent Award” Commercial Payment STP Rate 99.90% from Citibank
    • The 2019 Elite Quality Recognition Award for Outstanding Achievement of Best-in-Class MT 103 STP Rate 99.62%” from J.P. Morgan.
    • The Biggest Taxpayers in 2019 from The Directorate General of Taxes
    • 1st The Best Operational Excellent 2019 in Category Private Company Bank BUKU III (Aset <Rp50 T)
    • 2nd The Best Bank Company – 2019 in Category: Private Company Bank BUKU III (Aset <Rp50 T)


  • Your Everyday Banking with Hana Priority Banking

    We have designed a holistic approach to meet your differing financial needs. From savings account to bespoke banking services, we are ready to support your evolving and unique financial requirements:

    • Savings and term deposits
      Range of savings and term deposits products meeting your needs for transaction convenience and flexibility.
    • Bancassurance and mutual funds
      First-class products from our bancassurance partners and to fund houses.
    • Loan products
      Range of loan products from KTA, overdraft loan, mortgage loan, credit card and other loans are available to you.
  • First-Class Privileges

    Your Hana Priority Banking will be completed with range of privileges, including:

    • Airport pick-up service at Changi, Singapore and Incheon Korea.
    • Free Safe Deposit Box for customers with Total Relationship Balance starting from IDR 500 million.
    • Birthday and special moment gifts for select Hana Priority Banking customers.
    • Professional Relationship Managers who are always ready to assist you.
    • Quality Coffee and refreshment available at Hana Lounge.
  • Passion for Craftsmanship

    We understand that attention to details is a critical when creating a masterpiece. Attention to details is also reflected in our proud heritage and culture.
    We hope to assist you in building a financial masterpieces by leveraging on what we know best.
    We want to be a trusted partner when you plan important moments, such as planning education for your children, opening your first business, or buying your dream house.

  • E-Banking Service

    Take advantage of our E-Banking service to transact conveniently, anytime and anywhere.
    Choose one or more service that fits you, including ATM, internet banking, mobile banking or SMS banking.


  1. Hana Priority Banking is a prime customer service of PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia ("Hana Bank"). The service caters to individual customer with minimum total placement of IDR 500,000,000 (five hundred million Rupiah) or equivalent in other currencies.
  2. Participation in the service requires request and consent from the customers. Customers must fill and sign the Hana Priority Banking participation and opening form.
  3. Customers can enjoy the facilities and privilages of Hana Priority Banking in accordance to the prevailing terms and conditions of Hana Bank.
  4. Customers can request termination of Hana Priority Banking service by completing and signing the Downgrade form.
  5. Customers agree that the change of Hana Priority Banking status to Regular means termination of facilities that are available to the customers. Hana Bank reserves the right to change the ATM/debit card, pass book and other facilities in accordance to the Bank's policy.
  6. If within a period of 12 (twelve) months Customers with Total Relationship Balance (TRB) falls below IDR 500,000,000 (five hundred million Rupiah), Hana Bank reserves the right to downgrade the customers' status from Priority to Regular.
  7. Customer can re-join the service by signing Hana Priority Banking opening and participation form.
  8. Customers must read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. By signing the opening and participation form, the customers confirms their aggrement to the terms and conditions.
  9. Hana Bank from time to time can change the facility and terms and conditions with prior notice.


  1. Airport Pick-up Service
    Our airport pick-up service offers a more convenient way of travelling. Available at Changi Airport, Singapore and Incheon, South Korea, the service provides transfer from the airport to customers' first destination in the cities.
    Terms and Conditions :
    1. Apply to Hana Priority Banking Customer who is primary account (CIF) holder.
    2. Customer has to join Hana Priority Banking service for minimum 3 (three) months prior the utilization date.
    3. Maximum 4 (four) passengers per pick-up request.
    4. Apply for Priority Banking customers with the following fund placement :
      Monthly Average Balance Facility Quota per year Frequency
      IDR 3 billion < IDR 6 billion Airport pick-up at Changi, Singapore 2 times 1.January - June
      2.July - December
      IDR 6 billion < IDR 10 billion Option 1 : Airport pick-up at Changi, Singapore 4 times 1.January - March
      2.April - June
      3.July - September
      4.October - December
      Option 2 : Airport pick-up at Incheon, South Korea 1 time 1.January - December
      IDR 10 billion and above Option 1 : Airport pick-up at Changi, Singapore 6 times 1 time in 2 months
      Option 2 : Airport pick-up at Incheon, South Korea 2 times 1. January - July
      2. July - December
      Option 3: Pick up at Changi dan Incheon 2 times at Changi &
      1 time at Incheon
      1. Changi: January - June
      2. Changi: July - December
      3. Incheon: January - December
      *Type of airport pick-up cannot be combined. Customer mush choose one from the available options.
  2. Safe Deposit Box (SDB)
    Terms and Conditions :
    1. SDB facility is available at Mangkuluhur City, Kelapa Gading Barat, Bogor Padjajaran, Medan Sudirman branches.
    2. One account holder (CIF) is only eligible for 1 (one) SDB facility.
    3. Available for customers with minimum placement of IDR 500 million for the last 1 (one) month.
    4. Fees and charges for SDB service :
      Monthly average balance (IDR) SDB Size Rental per year (IDR) Security Deposits (IDR)
      500 million - 2,5 billion Small Free 1.500.000
      Medium 400.000
      Large 800.000
      > 2,5 billion Small Free
      Medium Free
      Large Free
  3. Birthday Gifts and Seasonal Gifts
    Provided based on the Hana Bank's policy.
  4. Fees and Charges
    Follow the prevailing fees and charges applicable to Regular customers.

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